Princeton University’s Asian American Students Association seeks to empower undergraduates with greater awareness of AAPI political, social, and cultural issues on campus through our speaker series, social events, open discussions, and alumni networking.


Lucy Chuang

Hey Ya’ll! I’m Lucy, a proud ATL native & resident Georgia gal. I joined AASA because I wanted to work with other like-minded, passionate, caring people about the APIA community. I’m an intended Politics major with a concentration in Creative Writing, so I love the intersectionality AASA offers in learning and discussing things on the news with learning about the arts community surrounding the Asian American Identity. I love fashion, working out, and poetry., and the a-typical version of traditional white-feminism. Come find me if you ever want to talk or scream because I’m all about taking care of yourself and your emotions.


Dora Zhao

Hi!! My name is Dora— I am a sophomore studying COS and Asian American Studies/ Creative Writing. I am from the suburbs of Philly. I joined AASA my freshman fall and have loved being a part of such a caring, supportive family. I am interested in understanding intersectional identities and discussing the more academic underpinnings to issues in the AAPI community.


Daniel Huynh

Hello everyone, I’m Daniel (or Danny)! I came to Princeton from the Bay Area, and I hope to return once I get my A.B. COS degree. I started getting involved in AASA my freshman fall, and it was definitely one of the best decisions I made freshman year (granted freshman year wasn’t filled with great decisions LOLjk). If you are at all interested in AASA, definitely check out our weekly newsletters to see how you can get involved!! :^)

Christina Xu


Cheyenne Zhang
Cultural Advocate


Wendy Ho
Alumni Relations

Linh Nguyen

Visibility Advocate

Hello! I’m Linh, a sophomore from Dallas, TX, with aspirations to concentrate in History with certificates in French Language & Culture as well as Asian American Studies. I joined AASA during my freshman spring in the midst of an identity revelation/revolution/metamorphosis and I’ve loved every minute of learning more about myself, my loved ones, and the world that we all occupy. When I’m not procrastinating in ‘stone or chilling with the AASA fam, you can find me writing news for the Prince, eating late meal chicken and waffles, or making new Spotify playlists for the third time that month.


Gina Kim
Cultural Advocate

Henry Slater


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Qing Huang Design/

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